Man driving boat

Ski Boat Driver 2

First of all you will need to decide whether you need boat driving lessons, or if you have previous boat driving experience including towing skiers/riders. Our BWSW instructor will assess you and advise whether you need boat driving lessons first.

If you have the required experience, the Ski Boat Driver Level 2 is roughly a day long program consisting of a theoretical based assessment (assessment of boat driving knowledge) and a practical based assessment (assessment of boat handing skills). Prior to completing the theoretical based assessment, candidates will attend a tutoring session designed to develop understanding of a number of key topics relating to driving a ski boat on coastal waters, this will take approximately 3 hours. Following this, candidates will complete a 30 minute multiple choice SBD2 examination. 

The practical based assessment consists of a 30 minute familiarisation session (to familiarise with the boat, the site and the assessment procedure) followed by a 15 minute slow maneuvering skills assessment, and a 15 minute water ski/wakeboard driving assessment. 

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