Team building is designed to improve interpersonal relations between groups of people and consequently improve overall business performance. In other words it is is all about encouraging people to work together as a more productive cohesive unit.

Benefits of Team Building

Team building exercises and activities can benefit any organization large or small, profit or non-profit. Whatever your business structure, having a good team helps everyone work better as it creates trust, ensures everyone understands their place, and strengthens the chain of command. Find out how we can motivate your business team - and provide an enjoyable day out!

Tailored team building activities can assist in improving:

Communication. Everybody wants to work in a friendly environment where people get along with each other. Team building activities that create discussion and open communication facilitate improved relationships and reduce the chance of confusion or misunderstanding, resulting in a more positive workplace.

Motivation. Team building activities are often seen as a demonstration that the company values its employees. Feeling con dent and valued motivates employees to want to take on new challenges and do well in their work.

Negotiation. Everyone has a voice and as people get to know each other better, they are more comfortable voicing their own opinion. Team building activities allow employees to become comfortable expressing their ideas or opinions in front of peers and management opening the door to better negotiation within the workplace.

Problem Solving. Good team work fosters an environment of collaborative problem solving. When employees know how to work together to solve problems and are able to think rationally and strategically as a team, they become more practised at problem solving and more likely to use it in a real work-life situation.

Conflict Resolution. In any workplace conflicts and disputes can arise, this is normal when people with di erent personalities come together. Team building activities give employees the chance to learn more about each other’s personalities, their interests, home life, strengths and weaknesses. This understanding plays an important role in easing con ict as it promotes tolerance of each other’s di erences.

Trust. Mutual trust and respect are vital to good teamwork. If you don’t trust your leaders how can you follow them? Team building activities can help your employees to learn to depend more on one another and develop a mutual respect for each other.

Types of Team Building Activties

Problem Solving-Based Team Building. Problem solving based team building is usually performed at an outside event but can also apply to an indoor task. The goal of this team building exercise is to help the team solve certain problems given by an outside facilitator. The group will then need to identify the challenges and possible solutions while trying to work as effectively as possible to solve the problem.

Personality-Based Team Building. Personality based team building comes in various forms but one of the most common is a personal challenge to try something different where you not only learn about your own personality but also the personality of other members of your team. This information can then be used for discussing different action steps and working relationships within the company.

Activity-Based Team Building. Activity based team building involves a carrying out challenging tasks, usually in an outdoor setting e.g. multi-tasking through a series of enjoyable, yet challenging activities such as team games, raft building etc. These activities require either teamwork from all other members in order to be successful with the challenge or an element of team competition. The idea behind this is the success seen during the activity can be brought into the office through the new relationships that have been created. The lessons learnt during activities can also be transferred to the workplace.

Multi-Elemental Team Building. A combination of activity, personality and skill based team building involves a mixture of competition, learning and challenges to overcome obstacles, interact with team mates and achieve results. Energise your team through either a two or three day event where people get to know each other better through time and team relationships develop more strongly. Discover an event that ticks proven team building criteria and guaranteed to put motivation back into the workplace.

Communication based Team Building. Successful businesses know the importance of having a dynamic and coordinated sales team. The gentle art of persuasion is a skill that can create strong business growth through lead generation and enhanced client relationships. The skills of a successful sales team include marketing and the ability to ‘cut the right deal’. That means knowing how to negotiate. Communication based team building provides the opportunity to hone those skills in an ‘offgrid’ and stimulating manner, all in a spirit of competition.

Team Building through Relationships

The corporate team that ‘plays together, stays together’. Corporate fun days are proven to cement inter-personal relationships in the workforce and create a greater ease of staff interaction. The idea behind this is the success seen during fun-driven activities can be brought into the office through the new relationships that have been created.

The Importance of ‘Team’

In a time where workplaces are trending towards modern, flexible, collaborative environments and where one person’s efforts are recognised as a contribution to the whole, building a strong team who work well together has become essential to all business. Poor team dynamics can result in high staff turnover, lower productivity and conflict. The success of many organisations and indeed the human race in general, depends on our ability to come together in successful teams working towards a common goal. At Scubalife, working with our qualified and certified instructors we are proud to assist your organisation towards the goal of increased team dynamics!

Customising your Event

We can add a DJ with sound and light for your ‘after party’. How about a live band for entertainment, or a motivational speaker? We can manage hotel bookings, flights and transfers and can provide a full range of watersports rental equipment, boat tours and excursion adventures. We can create a customised day to include fishing or cooking competitions Just ask us for details!

For further information or to discuss a customised package to suit your needs, please don’t hesitate to call us! We’re here to help your business succeed - and in doing so, have fun!

Team Building Events