If you are already certified, you can take a fun dive trip with Scubalife and expand your personal boundaries. Experience Bahrain’s underwater kingdom with abundant sea life and coral reefs. Bahrain’s rich underwater diversity is yours to explore and cherish. 

Our qualified dive instructors will guide you on your adventure. Don’t have your own equipment? Don’t worry, we can provide it!

We run trips on a daily basis.

Local Diving Excursions

Featured Dive Sites

Bulthama Reef

38 nautical miles north-east of Bahrain, this coral-coated pinnacle offers excellent drift diving and some of the most prolific marine life in the Gulf. Rays, moray eels, crayfish, trigger fish, turtles and sturgeon inhabit the reef while, tuna and barracuda cruise above. Depth 8-50 meters.

Caisson Wreck

9 nautical miles off the coast of Bahrain, this concrete and steel structure is home to a myriad of fish species that live above and within its framework. Depth 12 meters.

Fifi Wreck

10 nautical miles off the east coast of Bahrain, Fifi is a small tugboat wreck swarming with marine life. This location is especially popular for training and night dives. Depth 6-8 meters.

Fasht Najwa

50 nautical miles north of Bahrain, Najwah is endowed with the most Indo-Pacific fish species typically found in the Red Sea, Maldives and Great Barrier Reef. Fed by a cool upwelling from the surrounding depths, Najwah is an excellent dive location for advanced divers and photographers. Depth 6-20 meters.


33 nautical miles north of Bahrain, Shetaya is known to be one of the best pearl diving sites.  While there isn't a large abundance of sea life, there are plenty of oysters to collect. Depth 10-12 meters. 

Cudda Wreck

12.2 nautical miles north of Bahrain, it provides a sanctuary for shoals of barracuda as it's the perfect feeding place for them with a wide variety of smaller fish. This wreck is approximately 30 meters long, and filled with marine life. Depth 5-7 meters.

Boom Wreck 

26 nautical miles north of Bahrain, the Boom Wreck is 18 meters long and is for experienced divers. Here you must be vigilant, as you have shoals of fish approaching from all directions. As this is also a perfect feeding ground for bigger species and a nursery for smaller fish. Often visited by many types of rays and occasionally turtles, you never know what you may see. Depth is 20 meters.